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ABATE Finds Janklow Sentencing Consistent With State Laws

ABATE Finds Janklow Sentencing Consistent With State Laws

Release Date: 6/4/2004

Pierre, SD; (MCNW) ABATE of South Dakota has issued a statement in response to the sentencing of Representative Bill Janklow. The motorcycle rights organization felt that the sentence should have included more jail time but that the courts were consistent in their penalties.

ABATE’s research found that many states with similar accidents result in no penalty at all or at the most a small fine, and the penalty awarded to Bill Janklow was stiffer than in many similar cases in South Dakota. The ABATE statement said "Dakota justice system has clearly demonstrated that a person's political, social or economic stature has little bearing on the final outcome of such a case and that the final outcome was based on the circumstances and evidence surrounding this case".

While ABATE of South Dakota found that justice was dispensed fairly it believes that a lot more work is needed in protecting the rights of motorcyclist and that the reevaluation of penalties was needed.,/p>

It is no surprise that ABATE of South Dakota received many emails from around the country regarding this case. Many riders believe that the state should be punished for what they see is a lenient sentence. ABATE asked riders not to penalize all South Dakotans, especially those involved in the Sturgis Rally. “Most of those emails are indicating that they intend to boycott South Dakota and the Sturgis Rally because of this. We find it quite unfair that these people would penalize the people of this state for something that they could not control, especially since many of the people that will be affected will be motorcyclists.”

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