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Kuryakyn Ergo Engine Guards: A Smart Design

Kuryakyn Ergo Engine Guards: A Smart Design

Release Date: 11/6/2010

Engine guards and highway pegs are common accessories on all sorts of cruisers. I recently came across an accessory that combines the two in a unique package. The Kuryakyn Ergo Engine Guards incorporate a patented flip-out highway peg that looks slick in both the inboard and outboard position. In the extended position, the pegs feature an ergonomic pull back to relieve that uncomfortable outward pressure on the feet and legs. In the folded position, the package looks clean and uncluttered. In both positions, a stable foot tread is featured. The Ergo Plus Engine Guard bolts directly to existing mounts on your frame, thus they do not use any unsightly universal clamps. Needless to say they are not a universal fitment. They are offered in configurations for both American and metric cruisers. All in all, the The Kuryakyn Ergo Engine Guards are a solid and creative combination of engine protection and rider comfort. They offer the cleanest and most versatile highway pegs I have come across. Take a look at the picture and you’ll see what a good idea Kuryakyn has come up with. Prices run in the range of $270 to $370 depending on the specific application. See more at http://www.kuryakyn.com/.

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