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Janklow’s Probation Ends Monday

Janklow’s Probation Ends Monday

Release Date: 2/5/2007

It was 3 years ago and the story of Bill Janklow, at that time Governor of South Dakota, was a very hot topic in the motorcycle industry. In 2003 Janklow sped through a stop sign and the Cadillac he was driving hit a Harley-Davidson ridden by Randy Scott of Hardwick, Minnesota. The accident killed the motorcyclist and ended his political career. Janklow had long been an unapologetic speeder; in a 1999 speech to the state legislature, he said, "Bill Janklow speeds when he drives — shouldn’t, but he does. When he gets the ticket he pays it." It was a big surprise to many, bikers and non bikers that Bill Janklow had to serve only 100 days in jail, had to pay a small fine of $5,000 and only temporarily had to surrender his law license. He just completed 3 years of probation during which he was forbidden from driving. Now he can drive again…

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