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Sat Nav For Motorbikes

Sat Nav For Motorbikes

Release Date: 1/29/2006

Tomtom's Rider is an all-in-one navigation solution specifically designed for motorcycle riders Drivers have had the luxury of satellite navigation systems for quite a few years in Australia. Now two-wheeling fiends can get in on the action. Rider comes in a tough water-resistant case and fixes easily to any motorbike or scooter, making it easily transferable, says Tomtom. The anti-glare touch screen user interface has been designed to work with gloved fingers. An integrated sun-visor enhances image visibility in bright light. Tomtom claims Rider provides up to five hours of constant directions, thanks to a built-in Lithium-ion battery. A docking kit and power cable with various mounting options allows for connection to the motorcycle's battery. It features detailed Australia-wide maps which are pre-installed on a memory card and provides turn-by-turn voice instructions in the rider's choice of 30 languages. A helmet-fitting headset works wirelessly via Bluetooth to ensure the vocal instructions are as clear as possible, says Tomtom. Riders can also choose their preferred route type, for example avoiding motorways, as well as shortest and fastest routes. "Rider redefines what it is like for bikers to find their way on roads in Australia. Just fix the case on your motorcycle, turn it on and go," says Tomtom's Remo Behdasht.

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