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Georgia Company starts Revolution

Georgia Company starts Revolution

Release Date: 1/31/2005

In a small 10 x 10 booth, tucked away upstairs at the 5th annual V-Twin Expo, sponsored by Easyriders Magazine, a Georgia chiropracter has unveiled a prototype frame that fired the first shot in what may become a revolution in frame design and material in the V-Twin motorcycle industry.

Michael Kamalian, the founder of Revolution Manufacturing, a small Marietta Georgia company created quite a buzz among the attendees with his patented complete carbon fiber composite frame.

"Everyone told me that it wouldn't work." Kamalian said. "That made me decide that I wanted to see if it would work, so I hired an engineering firm that knew nothing about motorcycle design so they could start fresh, and with a lot of back and forth, we have it ready to go.

"Kamalian said the response from the well known master builders has been positive. "All the magazines and the kings in the industry have all been up here and seemed impressed with what we've designed."

In a matter of hours, Revolution Manufacturing took twenty six orders and two deposits for the carbon fiber frames. "One guy tried to give me $10,000 cash, but I wouldn't take it. I told him to wire it to me next week."

The hardtail frame, as designed, will retail for anywhere from around $15,000, which Kamalain says is only slightly higher than the competing steel frames. For more info visit the companys website at www.revolutionspeed.com

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