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Nude Rider Dies

Nude Rider Dies

Release Date: 10/26/2004

NUDE RIDER DIES DOING STUNT It's no wonder that motorcycle fatality statistics are on the increase when you consider the rising popularity of "extreme" street riding, with sport bike riders performing wheelies, stoppies and other high speed antics on public roadways, often hot-dogging for the camera. Holding It Big Entertainment specializes in filming such street stunts, but the company president is now facing charges of reckless endangerment and negligent driving stemming from a rider's fatal wheelie. On Sept 12, 21-year-old Shaun P. Matlock of Frederick, MD died when he was performing a wheelie, riding without pants, and crashed into a tow truck parked on US 340.

Matlock's bike and helmet bore logos reading "Holding It Big", and the president of the Baltimore-based company, Benjamin M. Meacham, 22, of Frederick, was allegedly driving in a nearby vehicle videotaping the fatal ride, and then later erased the tape before police could confiscate it. He was charged under a provision stating that anyone who induces, causes, coerces, permits or directs another person to commit a traffic violation also is guilty of the violation, Frederick County State's Attorney Scott Rolle said.

Another bare-bottomed rider, Brandon M. Edwards, 21, of Ijamsville, who also was allegedly doing wheelies for the camera, was charged Sept. 20 with reckless driving, negligent driving, driving on a learner's permit without the required supervision, and indecent exposure.

Trooper David Ward, who investigated the case, said the only explanation he has heard for the lack of pants was "they wanted to do something they didn't think anybody had done before."

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