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About Us

Choppers.com has recently launched its new website and we hope you enjoy all the new features and enhancements. 

We are located in East Fishkill,  Dutchess county, New York  where we have our new shop. It's a great area to live and ride in.

We are currently building some custom choppers and we are ordering new and cool apparel.  Our brand of choppers are called "Brand X" and we have really enjoyed building bikes. Our plan is to build bikes and sell them at a real reasonable price.  We want to give people a good bike at a fair price.

If you have any suggestions about the site, feel free to send us an email as we are always looking to improve what we are.  Is there any apparel that you love but can't find anywhere?.  Let us know what that is - we want to get you what you want!

We are still working on the site. Check back often to see the new products and features.

Contact us for more information.




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